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The ultimate purpose of the Conference report is to improve graduate programs of study for the people these programs serve, especially the students and the consequent consumer of their services, the public. These guidelines and standards should be used to improve general understanding of the nature of graduate education and to assist in the self-study and institutional evaluation of all graduate programs in health  education, physical education, recreation education, safety education, and dance. 
Every available resource should be utilized, including the individual institutions and professional organizations, to facilitate the use of these guidelines and standards in redirecting, upgrading, and undergirding graduate education for higher levels of excellence. 
Although this report identifies the general pattern and characteristics of quality graduate education programs, it is recognized that the programs at some institutions may not follow the more specific recommendations in all respects because of the varied ways in which academic institutions approach standards of excellence. The guidelines presented in the report, however, are the minimum which should be achieved by all institutions offering graduate education programs in one or more of the five areas. It is hoped and expected that all institutions will aspire to a higher level of effectiveness by committing themselves to the ultimate goal of exceeding in all respects the minimum standards.
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